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About Petroworks

Hello, I'm Gary Munck, owner of Petroworks Products, Inc. We work hard to give you the best possible parts and a great buying experience. This includes getting you the products when you order them, and we only charge customers when the product ships, not before.

Petroworks is the leading aftermarket Suzuki OEM parts supplier in the United States. We stock many new OEM parts for the Suzuki Samurai, Sidekick and Geo Tracker parts. We also have a large used-parts inventory. All at very fair prices.

Petroworks grew out of our Machine Shop business, GM Tool. It all started in the Summer of 1993. We began by putting together a transfercase for a friend who purchased the gears from Mario of Victory Engineering. Then more friends from our 4x4 clubs who had transfercases wanted us to build them for them, so we did.

We built our first gear set in the summer of 1994, and began selling it to other Suzuki Parts vendors. The idea of a better and lower transfercase was thought up. The GRSII© was designed. A 4.89:1 transfercase. Many hours of computer modeling and design went into the development of the GRSII©. Ideas of higher ratios were tried, 6:1, 5:1, and others, but it was decided that the greatest longevity and greatest strength came from the 4.89:1 ratio. There was such a great demand for modified transfercase we would purchase as many stock transfercases that we could, and then modify them for off-road use. By the year 2000, we have sold over 1000 modified 4.16:1 and 4.89:1 transfercase gear sets.

Just after 2001 we began having complete gears made for us in Japan by the same company that builds the gears for Suzuki. To date we have had less then a handful of the welded gears ever return to us. To this day we stick by our original research that 4.89:1 ratio is still the best choice.

We had spent endless hours examining and trying all variations of different suspension upgrades for the Samurai, we had tried shackle reversals, extended shackles, 3" lift springs, and coil 3 link and 4 link suspension lifts, you name it, if it could fit, we tried it and found that the Spring Over was the best solution for a suspension upgrade. Based upon our research we decided that our next item was going to be the spring over (SPOA). When we built our first spring over, we used spring pads from confer, and spent alot of R&D time into the spring over. Then we put together our own spring over kit.

Soon following we started stocking OEM Suzuki parts. At the time, everyone was retrofitting Jeep parts. We started supporting the Suzuki following, the business grew, our mission became to support the Suzuki owner with an end all solution of Suzuki OEM parts and aftermarket off-road parts. We don’t build Rock Crawlers, we build cars that work, and we strive to provide a service to keep them on the road and trail.

We have a complete machine and manufacturing facility in-house. This allows us to produce many of our products in house. We also represent several manufacturers of quality aftermarket parts such as ARB, Old Man Emu, Gabriel, Moog, ProComp, Detroit, Bestop, Rampage, Tuffy, Rancho, Gabriel, Energy Suspension and many others.

Petroworks has been serving the Suzuki community for over 20 years, and continues to provide new and exciting gear for the Suzuki market. We stand behind every product we sell, you have my personal guarantee. If we don't believe in it, then we don't sell it.

We don't rely on a bunch of marketing hype to generate sales, we just manufacture and sell quality parts at good prices. Thanks for visiting, if you have any questions please feel free to call us at 1-800-952-8915 or email us.